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"Love my toasty warm red boots! I feel oh so special wearing these elegant booties, I am a foot fashionista!"

Name: Susan Llanos 
Purchased: Red Monet

"I love the look of these beautiful boots - they were unlike anything Id seen before.  The tipping point for me, to finally indulge myself, was seeing a photo of the boots covered in snow after an outing on a winters day.  They werent just pretty to look at, I discovered, they delivered warmth and comfort even while watching my kids at their ski lessons.  My favourite story is getting stopped by not one, but two men in a week asking after or commenting how fabulous my felt boots were!  I feel stylish without sacrificing comfort and I cant wait for the cold weather so I can don them again!"

Name: Samantha 
Boots purchased: tall, grey Lahtiset felt boots


"I had a few reservations purchasing a pair of boots that did not look like they could weather the Canadian weather.  I had not heard of felt winter boots before seeing the ones from Uniiki. They looked fashionable which is all I thought would have mattered.  However, if I was going to spend good money on a pair of boots, they would have to be warm and better not fall apart on me during the first winter season!

I decided to purchase a pair of the tall Grey felt boots since I needed a pair that would be functional during the winter months.  I put them on during the fall months (since they were stylish too!) and they never came off until the Spring.  Not only are they stylish, but these light weight felt boots felt amazing on my feet.  They did not drag me through the fall and winter; they comfortably walked me through each season effortlessly.  I still cannot believe how warm my feet were during the Canadian winter!

If you are looking for a winter boot which is both functional and stylish, along with great customer service and follow up, I would not hesitate to recommend purchasing these through Uniiki!"

Name: Janis Chase
Boots purchased: Fall 2012

"I just placed my order and am unbelievably excited. I just wanted to thank you so much for all of your help; for calling me, and for finding out all of the information I was inquiring about. I have never witnessed such caring, professional people thus far in my life regarding online shopping and just retail in general. I think you two are amazing and I just wanted to take the time to tell you that. Many businesses out there fail because they lack that personability and professionalism that is still needed to run a good, successful business. You are a precedent to all of them. 

I'm sure that Marcy will also say the same. Thank you so much for being so great to both of us.

I'm going to send your website to a couple friends and family and I hope that they will order from you as well.

Take care,


Allison Birkett



Actress Lauren Hammersley (from CBC show - Mr. D) in grey Monet by Aki Choklat for Lahtiset boots and and yellow Laukku bag by Jonas Hakaniemi for Lahtiset



Customer Allison Birkett in grey Pitka Aki Choklat for Lahtiset boot and Aarikka pohjola bracelet in moss

"I love the boots and the bracelet so much!  By far the best investment I have made in years! Thank you so much for everything:) "


Bridget Apnar - wearing grey Monet by Aki Choklat for Lahtiset
"Enjoying my vacation to Old Quebec City. So much to see and do outdoors that I brought along my boots. As usual, I am not disappointed since they kept me warm and dry and stylish as well. Thank you Uniikii for introducing me to such a wonderful product.!! Looking forward to seeing the spring and summer merchandise."